Important Things You Should Do After You Have Install WordPress !

Now that you have install WordPress now there are a various thing which you need to do. In this post, you will learn how to properly set up WordPress after a fresh installation.

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Just Install WordPress Do These Important things.

1. Site Title and Tagline

If you Haven’t setup Site Title and Tagline then you are losing SEO benefit as it tells your user and search engine what your site is about, to change it go to your WordPress dashboard then Setting» General, and from there change it to meaningful title and tagline.

How to change Tilte and Tagline in wordpress

2. Change Your Permalink Structure

The default permalink structure( URL structure that tacked on the end of your site name of WordPress) is not Google friendly, to make it search engine friendly and get more viewers on your website or blog you need to change it. First, go to your WordPress dashboard then Setting» Permalinks and from there select Post name as this is easily readable by Human, so it’s search friendly.

How to get more view to your site by changing Permalink Structure

3. Setup a Contact Form

If you want people to contact you or want to get sponsorship, you need them to contact you for that what you need to do is to set up Contact Form,

How to install and setup contact form on WordPress

see my step by step guide on How to Install and setup Contact Form For WordPress.

4. Google Analytics To Your Site

Understanding your visitors is crucial for website success, whether its big or small everyone on needs to know who their visitors are. And one of the best ways to do is to use google analytics,

how to install and setup google analytics with wordpress

See my step by step guide on how to Install and Setup Google Analytics with WordPress.

5. Backup Your WordPress

If you want to protect your website against hacker’s the very first thing which you need to do is to protect your site by backing it up, there are many companies offer paid service as well as free but as you are starting new you should save as much money as you can and use service effectively. See my blog post on How to backup your WordPress website with topmost security.

6. Install a Cache Plugin

If you want your website to load faster thus resulting in more viewers, then you should consider using cache plugin for your WordPress. Why a cache plugin? Because it can help you speed up your site. Caching helps take the load off your server and make your site faster. This is great for SEO and it prevents your site from crashing during heavy load times. See my Blog post on How to install and setup cache plugin for WordPress.





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