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Do you want to know how to get more website traffic using StumbleUpon? Before we go any further, the main secret to StumbleUpon success is having great content. Before diving deeper into how to submit your content on Stumbleupon and increase website traffic let’s see what it is, StumbleUpon is a website that helps users discover or “stumble upon” websites they can share with others with similar interests, and this is the only reason as your content can find appealing to user it can go viral and drive traffic to your website without any work at all.

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How To Get More Website Traffic Using StumbleUpon

The first thing you need to do is to sign up to Stumbleupon in order to submit your article and get targeted traffic from that.

how to add content to stumbleupon blog post

There are two ways to add your blog post to StumbleUpon

  • First way to add directly from StumbleUpon which we will cover in this blog post
  • And the easiest way is to add from there button

download links for Firefox and for Chrome:

In order to add your content first go to StumbleUpon and go to your profile

how to submit your blog post on stumbleupon

You will see there Add page, here all the magic happens first, select what blog post you want to add copy its Url then select is it safe for work, then add interest like for my blog post on how to find long tail keywords on youtube its interest is Seo so I add that one, next add your relevant tags its important so dont forget to add then click save. So that how you add Your website to StumbleUpon.

How to add your page to stumbleupon and get more traffic from it

Hope you like this blog post on How to get more website traffic from StumbleUpon, I will be updating this blog post  soon to show you all how much targeted traffic I got from StumbleUpon.





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