How To Get Started On Twitch From Setting Your Account To Streaming

Game streaming has grown to become a huge trend nowadays, And many people are making a huge amount of money by streaming. Now you have decided that you want to become a game streamer, I welcome you to an exciting adventure. Just one Word “Don’t Give Up” before we learn ins and out on how to get started on twitch from setting up your account to learning everything,

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How To Get Started On Twitch

The very First thing you need to do is to head back to Twitch and sign up for your account. You can see sign up just click on that, either you can sign up for Facebook or Email, I wouldn’t suggest to do it from Facebook. Enter all the details down below, Twitch username is most important, people will find you from this username so choose accordingly.

how to get started on twitch

Once you have done all the process you will be greeted with verification email, make sure you do that as soon as possible.

Verification email send by Twitch

Once your twitch account is created head back to setting to do some changes, you can find setting from homepage » Your Username » Setting

how to change your channel settings on Twitch

On profile section, you can change your email, username(after 60 days), add capital letter to your display name like Mine is Lordaliens so I can add LordAliens, your profile picture, add bio and yeah disable your account (Lol Obviously you don’t want but still) once done everything hit that save changes to save all your changes.

Advanced setting on twitch


Channel & Videos

1. Video Player Banner– When you aren’t streaming this image will be shown to your viewers, consider uploading an edited image that conveys your brand. Image size should be 16:9 in resolution and at least 1280*720px in dimensions.

Before I touch Hosting section, Hosting on twitch means that when you are not online your account will show other people stream whom you have chosen as Host.

2. Auto Hosting – whether you want to allow others peoples hosting on your stream channel, if yes then On.

3. Team Hosting– Automatically host random channels from your team when you’re not live.
Team channels will be hosted before any channels in your host list.

4. Vodcast Hosting – Basically do you want to stream past recorded video.

5. Host List- Choose a list of host i.e others streams, so their stream will be played when you aren’t live streaming.

6. Host Priority- Choose Randomly or top host from your Host list.

7. Mature Content – Whether it’s mature content basically twitch doesn’t allow this type of thing, but if you sometimes use F##k or any LOl words ( Offended words) you can select mature content.

8. AutoMod Rulesets – Automatically hold risky messages for moderators to review. Select according to your use.

9. Blocked/Permitted List, powered by AutoMod – Add your word for which you want to block from chat.

10. Block Hyperlinks – Your channel’s chat will automatically delete posted URLs except for the ones posted by you, moderators and admins

11. Email Verification – Anyone that would like to send messages to your chat room must first verify their email address.

12. Chat Rules – Rules for your chat.

13 Non-Mod Chat Delay – Adds a short delay before non-mods see messages. Any message that is timed out or banned during the delay is removed from chat completely. For proper details see here.

14. Banned Chatters – You Banned Spammers From Your Chat so that they don’t destroy Your Stream(Lol).

Security & Privacy

Now one of the most important go to Security here you can change your password but whats important is to create Two-Factor Authentication, basically, it will allow you is to protect your twitch account from hackers by adding extra security to your Twitch account. And of Privacy setting, you can check it out according to your need, don’t forget to click on save changes.


How to protect your twitch account from hackers

1. Opt Out of Message Filtering – Twitch currently filters out potential unwanted spam to your inbox, however, some legitimate messages can get caught in this filter – to disable this simply untick the checkbox and you will receive every message directed at you in your inbox.

2. Block Messages from Strangers – You can opt to not receive messages from users that you do not follow. To do so simply tick the check-box and Twitch will not allow users you do not follow to message you.

3. Block Whispers from Strangers – Group chat allows users to invite other users to their private chat rooms. In order to not receive these invitations enable this setting and Twitch will not allow users to invite you to their private chat unless you are following them.

4. Block receiving Gifts on channels I don’t follow – Block incoming Gift Subscriptions to channels I don’t follow


This settings page allows you to customize what you want to be notified about from Twitch, totally depends upon your preference.


On this page, you can connect your other online accounts with Twitch and also review which websites, community made projects, and applications have limited access to your Twitch account.

Don’t forget to hit that save changes button to save your changes.


So this is how to get started on twitch hope you like this beginners guide will soon have a blog post on how to stream, till then happy streaming.








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