Add Logo To YouTube Video With Custom Subscribe Button On It!

When you watch your favorite Youtubers don’t you always wondered how can they have their logo with a custom subscriber button on their videos, not only that when you click on it you will be landed to their channel. If you are a new YouTubers you should learn how to add a logo to a youtube video with custom subscribers button on it.

Tool to better manage your Youtube channel

Add Logo To YouTube Video With Custom Subscribe Button On It!

To add the branding watermark to your YouTube videos, navigate to “My Channel” and then click on creator studio next to gear icon, and guys if you wondering whose Channel is this, it’s my gaming channel if you love gaming you can check it here – Lordalien

how to add custom subscribe button on your youtube video

Once you are in Creator studio search for Channel»Branding» Add watermark

How to add watermark to youtube videos

You will be Greeted with this setting, it tells you all about Maximum size, file format.

Add Logo to youtube video

click on the “Choose File” button and locate your watermark which you want to add to your Youtube video. Once you add your logo to youtube video you will be greeted with this dialog box which will help you decide how you want your watermark to appear on video, i.e entire video or custom timing select it according to your preferences.

How to add logo to your youtube videos

Now click on Update to Save your changes.

Note- Custom subscribes button will be only visible to the desktop user so the mobile user can only see your watermark.

When they Hover your Cursor to your watermark

how subscribers will see when they hover to your watermark

when they simply watch Youtube video

how watermark is visible to youtube video

So that’s how you add a logo to youtube video with custom subscribe button on it.

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