Ultimate Guide On How To Fix 404 Page Not Found ! (Step-By-Step)

404 page not found” Most common error we see when we surf the net. If you’ve ever run across one, you’ll know how frustrating they can be. Therefore, quickly fixing them on your site can create a positive impact on the user as well as search engine.

Before we move any future lets see what are the most common cause of 404 page not found.

  • You change your permalink or the link structure of your website. For example, your previous link was www.easiests.com/404-page but you soon changed it to www.easiests.com/error-404-not-found.
  • You removed content or that post from your website.
  • Somebody by mistakenly linked your website to incorrect link.

As a Seo point of view search engine, bots are smart, and they don’t care much about 404 error pages. Soon after some time, they will automatically remove error 404, but as a user point of view when you land to a page and when it says 404 err0r will you visit that site. So fixing 404 web page not found will definitely help you in good user experience and thus ranking high on google.

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How To Find And Fix 404 Page Not Found

In order to fix 404 error, we need to find one first you need to have google search console setup if you new to it just go to my blog post on how to verify and setup google search console on your wordpress website.

Once you are in webmaster dashboard select your respected domain for which you want to analyse and fix 404 error, then from your Webmaster tool dashboard > Crawl errors > Not found >

How to fix 404 error page not found

As you can see I got some 404 error, Next click on any error and pop up box will appear giving you detail regarding your URL error page

The error details show when Google last crawled your page, when the error was first detected, from where it is linked from.

So, whatever URL you have selected, just be sure that it is actually a 404 error page.

404 error details

How to Fix 404 error on your WordPress website

Once you’ve understood your Broken links or Url its time to fix it. First, you need to download redirection plugin. 

If you’re new to WordPress and want to know how to install and setup plugin, check my blog post on how to install and setup WordPress plugin.

Once you have installed and setup your redirect plugin go to tools»Redirection

Click on Redirects, Here all the magic happens

How to redirect 404 error page using redirection plugin

Source Url – Add your 404 error Url.

Title – Anything.

Match – Url Only.

When matched- Redirect To Url with HTTP code – 301 moved permanently.

Target URL – Your New Url i.e active Url For which your want user to redirect to this page.

Group – redirection, because we are redirecting url well, doesn’t matter tho.

Then click on Add Redirect.

Well, you have successfully redirected your 404 error page not found to an active page, but works not done yet, you need to go to google webmaster tool and select your Bad URL and click mark as fixed.

mark a fixed your 404 error page url

What if you don’t have any page or post to redirect. In that case, we have to remove it manually or leave it as it is so google will de-index it.

What Is URL Removal Tool & How To Remove URL From Google Search?

Before moving any future let’s take a brief look at what Url removal tool is as above you can redirect your 404 error page to a similar article or post, but what if you don’t have any, you can leave it as blank and have custom 404 error page or you can remove it manually. That’s where Url removal tool comes in handy as it can remove your error URL from google search results.

First head back to your webmaster tool dashboard and select the crazy Url ( 404 error )

404 error url

You can find Bad URL in Webmaster tool dashboard > Crawl errors > Not found > Click on that URL and copy it as it is case sensitive so copy full whats shown on your page.

Then in the dashboard search for Google Index» Remove Url.

How to remove 404 error url from search engine

In the Url section paste your Error page Url and In request type, it will present you with 3 options select Temporarily hide a page from search results and remove from cache as it will remove your page and will not show on google search results.

Google will take around 24 hours to shows status from pending to approval and within weeks page will be removed.

how to de-intex your page from google search results

So thats how you remove 404 page not found not found from search engine using redirect method and removal method













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